Jad and Chris

True Story

Back in 2014, our founding team built Snap’s privacy program from the ground up. Working at the most innovative company in social — where engineers shipped software at a dizzying pace — we had to solve a problem that everyone told us couldn’t be solved: How can you design a vigorous and thoughtful privacy program without bogging down the software development life cycle?

Los Angeles Team

We realized early on that we’d get no help from existing privacy products. They all tackled niche problems using dense, one-size-fits-all templates that were riddled with legalese. Trying to build a privacy program with those tools would have slowed product development — and sparked a rebellion among the engineers and product teams! What we needed was a complete privacy-by-design program that integrated the entire organization around every feature we shipped. So we built it ourselves. It wasn’t easy.

We refined it over the years, but the end result achieved the near-impossible:

privacy program that equally pleased the lawyers looking to minimize risk and the executives, engineers, and PMs looking to feverishly ship product.

When we left Snap years later, we saw companies still struggling with the same pain. Even though the GDPR now made it more imperative than ever to get privacy right, companies continued to improvise privacy programs using spreadsheets, off-the-shelf questionnaires, and static templates.

And as we talked to colleagues at companies of all sizes, we heard the same thing again and again: There has to be an easier way to design a privacy program that takes care of the regulatory risk without slowing innovation.

Our thoughts exactly.

So we built TerraTrue to be the first privacy program that works with your software development life cycle, not against it.

Team at TerraTrue

With a team of impossibly talented engineers, designers, and privacy experts…

We have harnessed the power of structured data, the speed of automated workflows, and flexibility of a SaaS platform. And we’ve only just begun.

Want to join our ranks?

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