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Unlock real-time visibility into what your business is building and the data it’s using. Automatically triage risks and coordinate your trust initiatives in one easy workflow.

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FourSquare company uses TerraTrue

"TerraTrue’s integration with JIRA enables pre-deployment privacy to systems where Foursquare’s engineers are already ingrained, meaning the teams can focus on what they do best while carefully automated privacy reviews are always on in the background."

Elizabeth Hein

VP, Compliance & Data Protection, FOURSQUARE

Everything you need to get privacy and security right. All in one platform.

Privacy notification

Make it easy for anyone to be a champion of trust with instant, in-product flags alerting users to high-risk activities.

Privacy Dashboard

No-code workflows that let you automate and scale reviews for any framework or function.

Data Filtering

Map and catalog all your existing data and monitor for changes in data usage that require further review.

TerraTrue creates a single source of truth for risk management, empowering organizations to conduct at-scale privacy and security reviews before anything launches.


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against third-party risk


assessments, ROPAs, and data maps

Managing Data

Privacy and security, centralized and connected.


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