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Our out-of-the-box integrations allow your team to embed privacy into the software development lifecycle using the tools they already love. Meet team members where they already are without any additional coding on your end.

JIRA Integration

TerraTrue’s bi-directional JIRA integration makes privacy by design a breeze. Now, you can collect all of the information you need to complete your privacy and security reviews, without disrupting the existing product and engineering workflow.

Jira Workflows with TerraTrue

Trigger privacy and security review tasks inside JIRA so engineers and product managers can stay focused on their workflow, and not be bogged down with distracting legalese or switching between tools.

Jira Launchpad overlay with TerraTrue

Link privacy and security reviews to a JIRA issue so everyone can track the progress of reviews, collaborate in real time, and stay organized.

The bi-directional TerraTrue integration is fully customizable, so no matter how your JIRA instance is set up, you can ensure that privacy reviews are always triggered at the right time, by the right teams, and for the right products and features.

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Ironclad Integration

Ironclad integration with TerraTrue

Smart workflows automatically create privacy and security review tasks based on workflow templates in Ironclad, without having to duplicate data entry or switch between tools.

Import documents from IronClad into TerraTrue, so all documents required for review are in one, easy-to-find location.


Easy-to-connect REST APIs let you build custom dashboards, and make collaboration with procurement, marketing, HR, and the rest of the org a breeze by pulling in important data from any system, and more! Say goodbye to siloed workflows and hello to org-wide privacy and security by design.

Integrations with TerraTrue

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Engineers at Foursquare have two key priorities: to build and to innovate. To do this, the team works at maximum proficiency using preferred products that best support their processes. TerraTrue’s integration with JIRA enables pre-deployment privacy to systems where Foursquare’s engineers are already ingrained, meaning the teams can focus on what they do best while carefully automated privacy reviews are always on in the background.

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