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One workflow for complete third-party risk management

Get ready for seamless third-party risk management. With simple assessments, easy collaboration, automated vendor and data tracking, and deep customization.

Risk assessment

Stay agile with fast, seamless collaboration

  • Breakdown silos between privacy, compliance, security, and governance stakeholders and third parties with a single, intuitive platform that keeps everyone in the loop.
  • Collaborate and track progress in real-time. Capture third-party responses and updates with magic links, and handle clarification and follow-up questions without leaving the platform.
  • Intuitive flow and simple, straightforward questions make it easy to evaluate third-party risk immediately. Custom questionnaires allow you to get exactly the answers you need from third parties.
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Continuous risk monitoring and management

  • Third parties are cataloged into a complete vendor profile (including vendor data and contracts), so it’s easy to audit, track, and mitigate third-party risks.
  • Visualize your entire data infrastructure, seeing every vendor’s data and data uses so you have a complete 360 view of how third parties store data.
  • Keep your vendor database current with automatic third-party vendor risk re-assessments, triggered automatically based on your criteria.
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Bleeding-edge platform intelligence

  • Tweak questionnaires to your compliance priorities, regulatory environment, and more.
  • User-friendly intake forms feed into third-party assessments, ensuring every third party handles only the data types and uses you’ve approved.
  • Easily operationalize compliance strategies for GDPR, CPPA, ISO 27001, SOC 2, and other regulatory and security frameworks.

With simple assessments, seamless collaboration, and flawless tracking, Terratrue’s third-party risk management empowers you to enable the business without compromising on privacy and security.