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Security by design, friction free

Build data protection into the heart of product development.

Achieve the consistency top security programs depend on

TerraTrue helps security teams overcome obstacles like missing information, low adoption, and inefficient review processes, to keep your organization and your users safe: Here’s how:

Triggering deploys

Trigger pre-deployment security reviews

TerraTrue automatically triggers pre-deployment security reviews at the heart of product development. This means products are built with data protection in mind, and it’s super easy to identify and remedy potential issues before release.
Fast issue creation

Customizable templates for complete, accurate information

From vendor assessments to product and data security reviews, it’s critical to get complete information. TerraTrue provides tailored templates that ask the right questions right out of the box, along with deep customization to meet your company’s unique security and privacy needs.
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Fast Triaging

Custom risk scoring helps you triage incoming security reviews, so you can spend more time on what matters.
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Embedded security workflows

Integrate security directly into the development lifecycle through the tools you use most, like Jira, Slack, and Github, for seamless cross-functional collaboration.

Efficient security is effective security

With product and marketing cycles accelerating, there's constant pressure to do more with less. Here's how TerraTrue can help your security team keep pace:

Get up and running quickly with enterprise grade security features

Get up and running quickly with enterprise grade security features

TerraTrue comes complete with provisioning and access control features out of the box, enabling you to plug in SSO, permissioning, and SCIM provisioning on day one.

Eliminate blindspots and scrambles

Eliminate blindspots and scrambles

The pace of production can tempt your product team to skip security reviews. TerraTrue automatically kicks off workflows whenever a review is required, so you won't be caught scrambling to catch up or paying for someone else's mistake.

Always know how data is flowing in and out of your organization

Always know how data is flowing in and out of your organization

TerraTrue consolidates vendor, security, and privacy workflows into a single source of truth. You can access vendor assessments, internal security assessments and surveys, data maps, reviews, and more from one central console.

Built by security professionals for security professionals

TerraTrue is a proud member of the MVSP

Authentication Cloud


TerraTrue provides native applications for common SSO platforms like Okta, OneLogin, Azure AD, and JumpCloud, making it simple to comply with your authentication policies. TerraTrue also supports Google Login as well as other SAML-based SSO providers.
Shield Checks


Compartmentalize information in TerraTrue with rich access controls, and limit actions your users can take. Audit logs automatically record relevant changes, and provide complete and transparent revision history.
Document Checking

SCIM provisioning

Use your preferred Identity Provider to push new users, profile updates, user deactivations and suspensions into TerraTrue. You can also import new users from TerraTrue.
User checking

Third-party assessments

Know exactly how third parties are storing, using and collecting data with easy workflows that make assessment intake a breeze for your team, and data maps that are updated in real time.
Risk checker

Customizable risk scoring

Quickly prioritize the security requests that need your attention, based on your own rules. Use automated workflows to close the ones that don't.
API Cloud


Integrate TerraTrue with anything! Collaborate on reviews, automate detailed reports, trigger updates and launches, and more, using your existing workflow and tools.

Solidify security everywhere

Modern security depends on cross-functional collaboration. TerraTrue is built to ensure your team always has the information, control, and access you need to keep your company, users, and vendor landscapes secure.