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One platform for every assessment

Say hello to the new era of assessments. Now, every assessment is searchable, reportable, customizable, reusable and easy for anyone to complete. With TerraTrue’s assessments workflow, collaboration is quick and easy, so review teams can focus on what’s important.

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  • Intuitive intake flows make gathering the data necessary to complete assessments a breeze.
  • Questions are clearly written, and free of legal jargon, so anyone from any team can complete an assessment intake worksheet.
  • Only the most relevant questions are sent to exactly the right people, so everyone saves time, making collaboration easier, and enabling your team to get products to market faster.
Infrastructure Security Questionnaire


  • Structured templates with standardized questions let you collect exactly the information you need, quickly, with no extra busy work.
  • The TerraTrue platform learns from previous assessments, and surfaces relevant answers for future use, so you can avoid duplicating work.
  • The right assessment for the situation is automatically triggered in your review workflow, speeding up the review process.
Assessment Library


  • Now you can see all of your assessments in one place, search, filter and export assessments as PDFs to send to regulators.
  • Templates are built based on up-to-date guidance from regulators, so they are always accurate.
  • Standardized inputs mean assessments are searchable, reportable, and should a similar assessment be required in the future, reusable.

Any assessment, anytime.

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When assessments are quick, easy for anyone to understand, and fully customizable, privacy and security teams can be strategic business enablers, helping products and new processes ship faster while always staying compliant.