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April 26, 2024

Empowering Enterprises with Data Privacy Control– TerraTrue Data Catalog now with Agent Support


Written by the Data Catalog Development Team

We’re thrilled to announce a significant leap forward in TerraTrue’s Data Catalog for Privacy. This update empowers large organizations with robust network security protocols to leverage the power of our privacy-focused Data Catalog solution on their terms.

Prioritizing Privacy, Respecting Security

Our Data Catalog, launched last year, scans the most commonly used data sources (up to 18 now), meticulously classifying sensitive data and triggering automated workflows to ensure its responsible handling. However, some organizations have strict policies that limit external connections to their data sources. Some data sources like AWS DocumentDB do not even allow for external connections.

We hear you loud and clear! That’s why we’ve built a secure and versatile agent-based solution specifically for these environments.

Introducing the TerraTrue Data Catalog Agent

This innovative agent is installed in your AWS account, adhering to your strictest security protocols. Here’s what makes it stand out:

  • Elevated Security
    • Runs within a dedicated Kubernetes cluster for complete control.
    • Database access credentials never leave your environment, thanks to its AWS Secret Manager integration.
  • Data Security at the Forefront
    • No customer data leaves your environment, only metadata, ensuring sensitive information never ventures outside your cloud environment.
  • Flexibility You Deserve
    • We offer two agent flavors: TerraTrue-managed agents for a hands-off approach, or self-managed agents for complete control.
    • Support for Google Cloud and Azure will follow.

A Unified View for Seamless Data Governance

The beauty lies in the seamless integration within our Data Catalog. Our intuitive dashboard and rules-engine triggered workflows remain entirely agnostic to the data ingestion method. This means your Data Catalog can effortlessly combine data from various sources. Connect directly to vendor cloud-hosted datastores like Snowflake, Databricks, Amplitude, or BigQuery. Choose to connect either directly or via the agent for your cloud managed sources like MySQL, Oracle DB, Postgres, or SQL Server.

Ready to Experience the Power of Agent-Based Data Privacy?

We’re eager to showcase how this innovative solution empowers you to achieve unparalleled data privacy control while adhering to your strictest security protocols. Contact TerraTrue today for a personalized demo.