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Show privacy program success with metrics

Privacy program metrics in TerraTrue provide the visibility, insights, and customizable reporting you need to ensure your privacy program delivers. That means you can allocate resources more effectively, alleviate friction points and bottlenecks, and give your privacy team the credit they deserve.

Master privacy program adoption

Spot and fix delays, friction points, and obstacles in your privacy workflow. TerraTrue provides both interval and status measurements across all your privacy activities, so you can spot and remedy workflow issues, such as:

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Clear backlogs

Long or increasing intervals can show that there’s a growing backlog in your privacy review process. Reallocate resources or adjust the process to compensate.

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Fix broken processes

Spot delays or inconsistent performance at specific stages of the privacy process, so you can drill down and diagnose the problem.

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Allocate resources efficiently

Manage complex workflows and ensure your team can immediately see high-priority action items by automatically creating and assigning tasks based on specific rules and inputs.

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Boost adoption

Shortcuts and misunderstandings can undermine privacy initiatives. The privacy program metrics on TerraTrue help you spot adoption issues before they derail your program.

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Scale intelligently with data

Small inefficiencies can lead to major delays as you scale. With TerraTrue, you can predict and remediate scaling issues before they happen, whether you’re adding a new product, onboarding a new vendor, or expanding your privacy program to other departments.
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Pioneering privacy tracking

As the first privacy suite with comprehensive reporting on privacy performance, TerraTrue empowers you to fine-tune and optimize in ways you may not have even considered. Measure productivity and turnaround times for privacy reviews, on-time completion rates, number of reviews triaged, and other vital metrics that have never been available before.

Start today

You’ve put a lot of work into your privacy program. TerraTrue can help ensure that it pays off.

Ready to get privacy right?

When assessments are quick, easy for anyone to understand, and fully customizable, privacy and security teams can be strategic business enablers, helping products and new processes ship faster while always staying compliant.