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June 20, 2024

TerraTrue AI: Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence to Revolutionize Privacy and Security Management


As technology advances it invariably introduces privacy and security risks, some that are already known and understood and others that are new and unique. TerraTrue understands that risk is constantly evolving, which is why we deliver a best-in-class by-design platform to conduct reviews, proactively mitigate risk, and empower organizations to safely launch new products, tools, and initiatives.

AI is such a technology that advanced rapidly in years and now we are launching several features that combine to streamline an organization's AI review, third-party assessments, and data governance. These compliance initiatives leverage smart summarization of complex documents, deeper integrations with popular AI infrastructure to validate data and facilitate automated gap analysis, and out-of-the-box workflows for conducting reviews related to using AI in products and services.

As a pioneer in privacy and security, we are proud to announce the release of TerraTrue AI which will transform privacy and security management by providing the following key benefits:

  • Improved accuracy by minimizing human error
  • Enhanced productivity by reclaiming wasted time and accelerating AI reviews
  • Increased relevance by improving information identification
  • Expanded visibility into sensitive data used in training models

Staying ahead of the game

TerraTrue was founded with a clear vision: a complete by-design program for modern privacy and security teams. The founders built the privacy and security program at Snap from the ground up and recognized the critical need for businesses to proactively embed privacy and security into their operations, ensure compliance with rising regulatory pressures, and build customer trust.

This brings us to AI and the incredible technological advances it has brought to the world in recent years. Because TerraTrue customers tend to be at the forefront of technology, they have been conducting privacy, security, and governance reviews of their AI initiatives for some time now, powered by TerraTrue. Still, we knew we could do more to assist our customers in their AI reviews, save them time and effort, and gain more visibility of their data, all at once. And now we are delighted to deliver a comprehensive offering tailored to our customers' AI needs.

The current challenge

In today's complex regulatory landscape, businesses face the daunting task of navigating ever-changing privacy and security regulations to mitigate reputational risk, and they must move quickly to implement best practices so their product development teams can continue to ship fast.

Most privacy and security programs are burdened with manual document reviews. As a result, they spend too much time poring over lengthy legal and compliance documents like contracts, data processing agreements, and SOC 2 reports, to extract and capture crucial data for later use.

While most companies still use these antiquated methods, modern companies leverage AI to increase productivity and reimagine more efficient processes. AI summarization and extraction serve as a check and balance to manual review by ensuring documents are synthesized and exceptions are highlighted.

How AI is transforming privacy and security management

TerraTrue AI’s automatic document scanning is an innovative feature that reduces manual overhead and costs by automating repetitive tasks for operations teams, helps bring products to market faster by streamlining privacy and security assessments for product development teams, and minimizes supply chain disruptions by making it easier to find relevant information for third-party reviews.

Faster Identification

Automatic document scanning minimizes human error, ensuring critical information isn't missed. With TerraTrue AI, users can see potential risks and areas of concern more quickly, speeding up the review process. This frees up valuable time to anticipate and mitigate potential threats, strengthens overall business resilience, and proactively flags process deficiencies.

Enhanced productivity

The automated synthesis of insights and exceptions helps teams reclaim time wasted on repetitive tasks. This frees them to focus on higher-value activities like developing strategic risk-reduction plans. TerraTrue AI analyzes lengthy documents once and extracts key information for use across multiple workflows and audits. This significantly reduces the operational burden and eliminates the tedium of reviewing the same documents repeatedly.

Increased relevance

Automatic document scanning identifies relevant information such as exceptions, expiration dates, and data types. This leads to improved results and informed decision-making.

Cost reduction

Automatic document scanning lowers the operational costs associated with document reviews. A single source of truth and consistent information interpretation leads to a more unified and productive team environment thereby reducing overall cost.

Real-world applications

TerraTrue AI harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize privacy and security management. It empowers privacy teams to proactively identify, assess, and mitigate risks across their organization with automatic document scanning. TerraTrue AI is the first of many AI solutions to address today’s critical pain points for privacy and security teams and can be successfully deployed across various industries. Some examples include:

  • A leading financial institution uses it to identify and classify customer data subject to SOC 2 compliance.
  • A global consumer company leverages the platform to streamline privacy management for minors and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.
  • A major tech company utilizes TerraTrue AI to conduct real-time privacy impact assessments for new product development initiatives.

Customer testimonials

“If we were going to scale, we needed to introduce some automation into our process to take the burden off of the team and focus our attention on the highest levels of risk.”

–Brittany Rhyne, Privacy Analyst at Lyft.

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