Data sources from TerraTrue

December 8, 2023

Announcing data source integrations for Data Catalog


Earlier this year, TerraTrue released a Data Catalog capability within our core application, extending our vision of bringing product and trust (privacy and security) teams closer to our customers. Today, we’re excited to announce Data Catalog integrations with the most popular enterprise data sources. 

Implementing and maintaining a data catalog is essential to any privacy function because you can’t protect what you can’t see. Specifically, a data catalog unlocks the visibility engineers, product managers and analysts need to maintain a holistic, living inventory of the data types an organization stores in their product or SaaS application.

Data Catalog, as a foundational aspect of any privacy program, allows product innovation to thrive. That’s because everyone is making informed decisions on handling data and respecting privacy based on the same real-time data inventory of your organization.

Authorized users can access the Data Catalog to set up connections to different data sources and view the types of data (metadata) you store from within your trust-by-design workflow platform. Privacy reviews can be automatically triggered based on a set of configurable rules.

This enhanced visibility allows privacy and security teams to conduct a gap analysis by identifying what the organization explicitly accounts for in its privacy program and any additional personally identifiable data or high-risk data (like financial records or biometric information) living in the database and requiring review for legally compliant processing.

To facilitate this inventory, TerraTrue is now delighted to announce support for the most popular enterprise data sources across multiple categories.

  • With relational databases, we support most of the RDBMS market: MySQL, Oracle Database, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server. Our NoSQL data stores include support for the top two providers in the market: Amazon DynamoDB and MongoDB.
  • We support the most widely used platforms for data analytics: Amplitude, Databricks, Hive, and Snowflake.
  • Data warehouse support includes Amazon Athena, Amazon Redshift, and BigQuery.
  • We integrate with Data Catalogs AWS Glue (including AWS S3 Data Lake), and DataHub.
  • We also support the popular distributed search platform Elasticsearch and the dominant data stream processing platform Kafka.
Data sources from TerraTrue

Complementing privacy by design with visibility into all types of data storage, both internal (within the company’s managed footprint) and external (specific services a vendor provides), strengthens a company’s compliance with GDPR, CPRA, ISO 27001, SOC 2, and other regulatory and security frameworks. 

We are excited to extend this vision in 2024 by adding many more commonly used third-party vendors and expanding our roster of supported data sources.

Please fill out this form if you’d like a demo of TerraTrue’s Data Catalog capabilities and its rules engine.