March 23, 2023

TerraTrue releases template for third-party management workflows in alliance with MVSP


Today we are delighted to announce that TerraTrue has joined the Minimum Viable Secure Product project. As part of this alliance, TerraTrue is now releasing a new template for third-party management workflows based on the MVSP checklist.

The MVSP checklist is the evolution of the popular but complex Vendor Security Alliance Questionnaire and Vendor Security Model Contract frameworks. Designed by a consortium of modern enterprises with experience scaling vendor-management programs that work, the MVSP checklist focuses on essential security controls, allowing you to quickly identify potential security risks and make informed decisions about vendor partnerships while incorporating the most critical security requirements.

Now you can use the MVSP checklist from TerraTrue to assess the security of your third parties. Import the checklist and use it as is, or make modifications to suit your specific program needs. Whether you're a young startup or a larger enterprise, leverage this new template to take control of your third-party security risk management.