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October 12, 2022

TerraTrue launches API to accelerate privacy program adoption across teams


New functionality provides easy access to privacy and security workflows, data, and reports

Today we announced the availability of our API that enables diverse teams to interact with their privacy and security program in the systems of their choice. Through the TerraTrue API, teams can pull, create, and modify data in TerraTrue to create operational reports, make updates to reviews, and run custom workflows without having to log into the platform. TerraTrue’s API empowers teams to embed privacy and security into the entire software development lifecycle using the tools they already love to use.

Avoiding the pitfalls of new program adoption

When new programs are rolled out into large organizations, hundreds or thousands of employees need to participate. With so many people expected to embrace new systems and procedures, many programs struggle to gain widespread adoption.

Key reasons why adoption can be slow for new programs:

  • The new process takes too much time for the user to learn: Teams are more familiar with using specific software for their workflows and do not have time or interest to learn a new tool.
  • Lack of understanding of what to do next: As users try to follow the program rules, they get stuck in the process when they do not know what the appropriate next steps are.


Jad Boutros, Co-Founder and CEO

TerraTrue API overview

The TerraTrue API allows customers to customize their own integration with bi-directional data syncing in real time. The API supports a variety of client packages including REST API, Python and Go. The TerraTrue API uses Webhooks to deliver data to other applications in real-time, which eliminates the need to poll for data or refresh frequently in order to keep other systems up to date. The TerraTrue API is built with feature parity to its web application so any action or data query can take place in the platform that works best for the business user.

Sample use cases

Sync data within TerraTrue and your own proprietary tools:

  • Back up and sync data within your TerraTrue instance with other proprietary systems
  • Create bespoke reports to track SLAs, program improvements, and performance metrics.
  • Trigger changes and updates in proprietary tools including reporting, contract management, continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines, and bug tracking systems when data is changed in TerraTrue.
  • Trigger a launch when new third parties are approved in your vendor management tool if you’re not using TerraTrue’s third-party vendor management features.

Create detailed reporting on your program:

  • Pull productivity metrics into your own business intelligence tool to analyze the number of launches created, time spent on each stage, and the products or teams that require the most reviews.
  • Retrieve any internal surveys and their respective responses into a proprietary risk dashboard that allows you to apply sophisticated risk frameworks and assess risk at the product or organization level.
  • Aggregate comments from third-party surveys to analyze which questions are confusing people and causing delays in vendor reviews.

Key Benefits of the TerraTrue API

  • Access, interact, and collaborate with the TerraTrue platform in the system of your choice.
  • Run operational reports with TerraTrue data and make updates to launches without ever having to log into the TerraTrue platform.
  • Complete flexibility to integrate with your own proprietary systems including those hosted on-premise.

About TerraTrue

TerraTrue empowers teams to build privacy and security into everything they do through a collaborative, intuitive, and scalable platform. Purpose-built to work with modern product development, TerraTrue seamlessly captures structured data about how teams plan to collect, use, store, and share data. The platform then maps that digital blueprint to the world’s privacy laws to automate guidance, risk-flagging, and downstream data maps and reports. Sitting as a hub between product teams and review teams, TerraTrue also smartly routes rule-based workflows throughout an organization, automatically detects and reports infrastructure changes in cloud environments, and drives vendor management — all from the same single source of truth. Using TerraTrue, businesses run a scalable, fast pre-deployment privacy program that eliminates spreadsheets, manual ad-hoc processes, and compliance bottlenecks. Modern brands like Lyft, Robinhood, Roku, and Foursquare are shifting left to get privacy right with TerraTrue.

Terratrue API

Get access to the TerraTrue API today

TerraTrue’s API empowers teams to embed privacy and security into the entire software development lifecycle using the tools they already love to use.