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June 21, 2022

Why integrations are essential to do privacy well 


It’s all very well and good to create a smart and agile privacy program that will serve your organization well, but that dream only becomes a reality if you can get other stakeholders on board. 

The earlier you consider what business groups or leaders you need as strategic partners and what their needs may be, the easier that’s going to go. That means meeting your team members where they’re at and asking questions about the kinds of tools essential to their work, and then integrating your privacy tools with those systems.

For privacy programs to be successful, it has to be all hands on deck. You need people to feed you information about where the data lives and where it’s flowing. The faster you can get stakeholders on board with a shared mission, the less likely it is that undocumented data slips through the cracks of your analysis.

If you want your buddies to show up to happy hour, you’re likely to pick a time and location that’s convenient for most of them. Similarly, with your privacy program, meet your teams where they’re at now and where they’re doing the majority of the work, whether that’s JIRA, Slack, or email.

But there can be problems. You might hit some roadblocks. Oftentimes, progress slows or halts because the new process simply a new user too much time to learn. If you’re pitching “better days ahead” but the user’s workflow slows and they lose interest in learning a new skill – they just want to meet their deadline – you’re going to have problems gaining widespread traction.

That’s why it’s important to be strategic about the integrations you choose to pitch. Aim for those that can meet your users’ where they’re at.

While there’s never a one-integration-fits-all solution, there are steps you can take to determine the best integrations for your business. And the payoff is significant. Once your teams are using the same tools in sync, everyone has visibility into what the organization is developing. There’s no need for dozens of planning meetings or logins to other systems that seem foreign.

For more on how to use integrations to start a new relationship with your product teams, download this whitepaper.

Pamphlet on privacy integrations